Photo by Simon Leo Brown

Photo by Simon Leo Brown

I spoke to Simon Leo Brown  from the ABC about the Melbourne Minimalist Meetup and how at one point we had the largest members for a minimalist meetup in the world.

At a major department store in Melbourne's CBD, a pop-up Christmas gift shop is selling monogrammed passport wallets and personalised Nutella jars for that person who has everything.
But as millions of Australians busily buy more stuff for their friends and family in the lead up to the festive season, there are some who are ridding themselves of possessions in an attempt to lead a simpler, happier life.

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"How to unclutter your life and find happiness the simple way" Herald Sun.

Herald Sun

I got interviewed by Sarah Marinos from the Herald Sun to talk about my simple life, my  blog, and Melbourne Minimalist Meetups! ( Mmm!)

“If you are unhappy with your life you constantly change the possessions around you to try and make yourself happy — that’s retail therapy. You try and entertain and distract yourself with things to make yourself feel better when your life isn’t right. We distract ourself with more and more things because we don’t want to deal with the problem.”

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"Project 333 style stories: Nyamka" Project 333.

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On  20 August 2014, I was featured on the Project 333 website, where I  shared my experience with dressing with less in Melbourne, Australia.

"What have you discovered as a result of dressing with less?

  • I have discovered my own sense of style as a result from dressing with less. Now, I understand that there is no must have items of clothing for everyone. The little black dress is not a must have for me, but blue boots and a sequin jacket are."

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"Cultivating your inner voice" Rebelle Society.

Rebelle Society

On 12 August 2014,  Rebelle Society featured my article on how to cultivate your inner voice in order to to figure out what you truly want, and  how to stick to your guns!

"The purpose of this is to get acquainted with what feels right, and what feels wrong, in order to choose and do more things that make you feel alive. It is to give your life meaning and keep you away from people and activities that drain you."

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"Real life Minimalists" Miss Minimalist.

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On 8 September 2014 2014, I was featured on the Miss Minimalist blog, where I  talked about why I didn't want to end up like my parents and how I made the decision to become a minimalist so I could stop being busy.

"I wanted a different life than my parents, of course. A life where people had time to spend with each other, but I didn’t know there was any other way, and so I was on the same path as everyone around me, busy, working hard to secure a safe future. From observation, this was often at the expense of their health and relationships."
"Have what you love, and love what you have. Then apply this principle to every aspect of your life."

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