Embarking on waste free living

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in

I started with minimalism because I wanted to improve my life.  I craved calmness over busy-ness, and joy over meaningless struggle. More or less these days I am calm and joyful about who I am and where I am in life. Now, I continue with minimalism with a different  purpose - it's no longer just about me.

Now that I am fulfilled, I want to do what I can to reduce the negative impacts on the environment around me. One of the small projects I have challenged myself to start is to consider potential reuse opportunities before I recycle.

It takes 20 times less energy to recycle a aluminium can compared to when it is made from scratch with raw materials. Recycling is great and is often much better than throwing things to landfill where the materials are unlikely to be used again. However, when I think of the billions of cans that are recycled every year I know that, even though it is 20 times less, is still a lot of energy. 

Waste free kiving

On a personal note, I have noticed that if I know something to be recyclable I am more careless about it. I seem to think that it is harmless when I buy numerous single serve juice bottle, soaps,  and things with loads of wrapping as long as I recycle them - when I know this is not true. This is a habit that I do not want to keep.

Furthermore,  I want to reduce the amount of rubbish we produce as a household. If there is one thing I do not like doing is taking out the trash, and if I can somehow reduce the amount of times I have to take out the recycling (and the rubbish) out to the main bins in a week I would be a happier girl!

With this in mind I have been making small efforts to reuse more.  Luckily, there's a new store that has opened a couple of blocks from me called The Source that encourages waste free living. It has bulk dry goods,  freshly ground nut butters, honey, tamari, and tons of other health foods where customers bring their own containers.  I feel very excited that these things are becoming a common thing around more and more neighbourhoods. It is a sign that the time are changing and people are becoming more aware the negative impacts of a throwaway lifestyle. Minimalism FTW!

How do you reuse? Do you know any good places I should visit that encourage waste free living? Let me know down below in the comments section!

With love and simplicity,


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