Meeting the Minimalists: Positive Role Models ( Part 1)

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in

People who we don't know personally influence our life more than we realise. Whether they are a writer from thousand years ago or modern day advertising executive we are continually influenced by people who we have no personal connections to. You could be going about  your normal life, then you see/read something, and boom, everything changes. 

Given this fact I shouldn't be surprised how much influence others have on me, but yet I am. Everytime I realise that someone who I don't know personally have had a significant influence on me I can't help but to feel amazed how our civilisation works. 

The Minimalists plus me!

The Minimalists plus me!

If it weren't for people like Leo Babauta, Francine Jay, and Courtney Carver who chose to share their experiences with minimalism I definitely wouldn't be where I am today. Without their collective knowledge and life experiences it probably  would have taken me years if not decades to figure out what I wanted from life. Maybe I would have never figured it out by myself.

As I read minimalist books and blogs I admired the lives lived with  less crap and more meaning. However, minimalism still felt inapplicable to me. For instance, Leo Babauta was a married man with six children.

The Minimalists in Melbourne.

The Minimalists in Melbourne.

I remember thinking  "I am too young to start with minimalism". "I need to have more years,  and more life experiences to be ready for minimalism". "Maybe this something that real adults who have more control of their life are able to do".

The story of those minimalists were of people who were in different phase of life than I was and I couldn't find a way to appropriate their lesson for my life. Then one day I found that reassurance I needed to step out of my comfort zone  from Joshua and Ryan of The Minimalists. They were role models I could relate to. 

Joshua and Ryan were young, and before embarking on minimalism they had strived for the same things that I was striving for accumulation of material wealth. The minimalist message was the same , but the messengers were different and that made all the difference for me.

Learning from our collective knowledge and skills is what makes civilisations a great thing. As members of a community we have the privilege of not having to figure out everything from scratch ourselves. When we have great role models it makes life so much easier and in our current information age positive role model are just a click away.

PART 2 is coming soon.

Who are your  positive role models that have helped you change your life for the better?

Let me know down below in the comments section.

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