Still Doing #33in33

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in

I enjoy dressing with less, it makes my life better. I also like new ways to enjoy my small wardrobe of 33 items. So, I jumped on the new challenge posed by Project 333, where the new challenge was to share 33 different looks from your capsule wardrobe in the first 33 days starting from October 1st (#33in33).

I started with this outfit.

project 33 33in33

You think I would be finished with the project since it has been more than 33 days, but I have been terrible at remembering to take photos of myself ( #ICANTEVENSELFIE).

How do people remember to take photos of themselves?  Somehow, I can remember to take photos of the food I make, but not selfies.

As a result I am on outfit number 19 as of today.

Day X?, Outfit 19.

Even though I haven't been  taking enough photos on time, I have been having a lot of fun with the #33in33 challenge. I don't think I have had this much fun with putting outfits together.

When I had substantially more clothes getting dressed was such a chore. Now getting dressed doesn't take more than five minutes and I am always happy with my decision. I wish I started dressing with less years ago.

The new plan is to finish this project before 2015 starts. Wish me luck!

With love and simplicity,


P.S.  You can find more of my #33in33  photos on Instagram.

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Mins game and other exciting news

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in

It's one day to a new month and a new season, but you already new that! I love when seasons change but I am more excited this season because I get to bring out the autumn clothes for the next phase of project 333.  I am so excited to wear my old clothes again.Another reason for the enthusiasm is that I  found a friend to play the Minimalist game (search #minsgame to see what the deal is,  we will be tweeting photos of what we getting rid every day) with me,  her name is Xandra. She and I will be competing to see who can last longest on the challenge.  The game starts every month  where the players de-clutter/give away one item on the first  day of the month, increasing to two on the second,  three items on the third and so on. If players can make it to the end of the month everyone wins. So if you got a lot of stuff to get rid off,  you got a high chance of winning. If we get more people to play with us we get more points.  Come and join us in this challenge and we can de-clutter together.

Yours truly,