Unexpected Improvements

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in




One of last weeks discussion at school was whether we noticed any improvements since beginning the health coaching program. My initial thought was it was too early for improvements as the course isn't even half way through.  The question simmered in my mind all of last week and I noticed  that there's actually been quite a few improvements. Here are my three most significant improvements:

1. No more hay fever

I don't have hay fever symptoms anymore. I developed hayfever symptoms about three years ago, and every hayfever season since then involved runny noses, itchy throat, itchy eyes and sneezing. Even with antihistamines the symptoms didn't completely disappear. Now, I don't have any symptoms even on extreme pollen days. No more antihistamines for me!

2. My eyes are getting better

I have been short sighted since 15. Optometrists have told me that due to reading and computer use my eyesight will continually get worse over time. However, last trip to the optometrist proved otherwise! Last month I was experiencing some eye strain and migraines, so I booked a check up to see if everything was well. I was expecting to be told that I needed to increase the strength of my prescription but to my surprise, it was good news. My right eyesight had improved by 10% relative to my left eye and the difference was causing strain, which caused the migraine.  While I was surprised the optometrist was confused. She explained that it's rare for eyesight to improve, and even when it does it was very unusual for them to improve one at a time. To be sure she did a comprehensive eye check up to see if there was anything else causing this strange occurrence, but there were no other issue with my eyes. She concluded that my right  eye was getting better. When the optometrist asked me what I was doing differently, I couldn't think of anything, I think I was just too happy to think clearly, and didn't get to tell her any of my healthy new habits. 

3. No more uncomfortable premenstrual symptoms

I quit sugar as a study to see how my body would respond and found out that sugar makes me cranky and gives me PMS from hell. For two months I had no added sugars and very small amount of natural sugars. Usually the week before my period I am always in a bad mood with lots of back pain. The last two months I had no moodiness, or back pain or cramps. I was ecstatic. Before, I thought it was normal to experience these symptoms, so when it came to that time of the month and there were no awful symptoms I couldn't believe it. No more terrible back pain or cramps from now on!

There are plenty of other improvements but these three were the most surprising, I definitely wasn't expecting my eyes to get better. It is interesting to note that if I wasn't prompted to take note of these improvements I probably would have just continued with what I was doing. After writing them down I feel even more empowered to continue with my studies. I guess I was a bit too focused on implementing the next habit that I forgot to stop and appreciate how far I have come. Definitely a good reminder to be more aware and not just rush from one achievement to the next.

With love and better eyesight,