Sunday Fun Days

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in


Do you get restless on a Sunday anxious about the upcoming Monday? If you do, you are in for a treat! Let’s turn those Sundays into Fun Days!

I want you to brew a cup of tea or make some green juice and prepare yourself for some inspiration and entertainment to get you out of that funk. Keep a pen, a notebook, and your calendar by your side because you will want to bottle those inspirations so you can take them “to-go” for the week ahead. Writing it down, putting it in the calendar, and making a step by step plan makes it more likely to accomplish your goals.

1. Eat inglorious vegetables and fruit. Most of the time perfectly fine fruits and vegetables are discarded by farmers because they are not the right shape for supermarkets they supply to, so they never make it to shelves. A french supermarket, Intermarché, has taken this problem and has come up with a sustainable and profitable solution. Enter the grotesque apple, the ridiculous potato, a hideous orange, the failed lemon, and the unfortunate clementine. They are as good as normal looking vegetables but they were sold 30 percent cheaper. Watch the story , it's cute.

2014 is the European year against food waste, while you and I may not European and our supermarkets may not have the initiative to start selling oddly shaped fruits and vegetables to reduce food waste, but we can do our bit wherever we are.

Our household gets our fruit and veggies weekly from Ceres and they support local farmers which means there's always one or two strange looking produce in there, like the capsicum below. You may be thinking, where can I get some inglorious produce if my supermarket doesn't sell it? I suggest checking out your nearest the market, there's always plenty of strange looking fruit and veg that's heavily discounted.

2. Put turmeric into your smoothie. Turmeric is nutritious, but just because something is nutritious doesn't you should put in a smoothie. However, when I got my hands on some fresh turmeric this week I put a knob of it in a blueberry smoothie and it was so delicious, I made the same smoothie three times in a row.


3. Prevent a cold.  Almost everyone around me is sick. At home, at work , and at dance people are coughing around me all the time, and I don't want to catch it. I am doing my best not to get sick, but the other day I woke up coughing. It's not good, but it's okay, because I have tried and tested methods that get me well quickly. Last time I had a cold I had two kiwis every morning for 4 days and my sore throat went away. There must be some sore throat fighting substance in kiwis or maybe it was a placebo effect, but whatever the reason behind the improvement is, the kiwi trick has worked for me time and time again so I am 2 kiwis every morning for 2 more days.


I also make sure I sleep a bit more  when I feel I am about to sick, and most of the time I get better before I get really sick. If you are feeling sniffly this weekend go to bed a little earlier, have some kiwis, and have lots of warm fluids. Also, try to reduce processed sugary foods,  from my experience lots of sugar  exacerbates a sore throat.

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