On Experiencing Loss and Difficult Emotions

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in


Despite how much simplifying one does life will never be simple. Because life is unpredictable with its timing.  We know that people can get sick, and we know that everyone will die. But we don’t really know when these things will happen. 

In life, we love and we make connections. Then the connections end one way or another which makes us sad and hurt.  We all know this but when it happens it is still sad and shocking

Earlier in the year, my grandfather suffered a stroke. Later on, my mother was hospitalised due to a ruptured aneurysm. Not long after that, my grandfather passed away. And I feel lost, sad, and hurt.

I don’t like feeling sad or hurt. I want to run away from these feelings because they are painful.

I want to feel okay. But I know having these emotions are necessary and good.  Because they are healthy emotions to have in the circumstance. 


I am writing this post so that we all feel that it is okay to feel our not so okay emotions and not rush past them because they are painful. Right now I am allowing myself to feel these difficult emotions.

One day or another we will experience loss. When it happens allow yourself to feel all the emotions that are going through you. Don’t try to push past them too fast. Give yourself space and time to feel your feelings.

With love and simplicity,