Tackling FOMO ( Fear Of Missing Out)

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in

ABM_1414149000 (1) These days people seem to be getting busier.  People are so busy that they are really struggling to make time for themselves and their loved ones. Have you ever had to reschedule a get together so many times and you give up in the end because everyone has equally conflicting and crazy schedules? I definitely have, and I know plenty of people who feel the same.

Our schedules can be booked to the max and if we are unfulfilled by the majority of these activities we feel this deep sense of yearning for something else. Something is not right, and we feel like we are missing out. In order to not miss out even more we add more things to our schedule. We are scared of missing out on something fun/useful/important.

Soon enough, we are run by the events where we are just going from one thing to another with hardly anytime for a breather in between. This busyness can make us feel out of control of our own life, as if the events that fill our time are completely beyond our control. We are frustrated by our busyness, but we also don't want to miss out. What can we do?

Well, it's true that we are missing out. There is an infinite amount of things that is available to us, and you and I only have limited time. Just by logic, we miss out no matter how much we fill our days with various events, or how fast and productive we are. So, how do we find contentment when we are faced with FOMO? What do we keep and what do we say no to? How do we know which option is the most optimal one? Once we make a decision, how can we be secure that our decisions are correct? Can we ever be secure ? Can minimalism and simplicity help us here?

These are the questions we the Melbourne Minimalist Meetups! (Mmm!)  will be exploring next Sunday at the Merri Table Cafe located at Ceres Community Park. We will eat organic cafe grub, and discuss FOMO. If you are in Melbourne you are cordially invited to come and join us (Click here to RSVP!).

If you are somewhere else in the world, not to worry, just comment below to share your voice with us and help shape the conversation for the event. After the meet, I will compile all the notes and write a comprehensive post to share our collective ideas/solution on the topic of FOMO, which means another chance to ponder and discuss. I am already looking forward to the ex post analysis!

Stay tuned!

With love and simplicity,


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