My Fashion Revolution

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in , ,


I recently started following an interesting instagram account and found out something new and good. It's run by a group called Fashion Revolution and they are responsible for fashion revolution day, which is happening today (use #insideout to participate on social media). If you want to participate for #insideout day just turn your clothes inside out and take a photo of the label. The point is to inspect the label and ask the company who makes their clothes. How great is that! They are encouraging us to consider who makes our clothes, and calling brands out to be more transparent about their production lines. It was a great time to stumble upon it as I was planning to add few more items to my 33 item wardrobe.

After a few seasons of project333 and applying minimalism to my life, my attitude to clothes has changed quite a lot. I used to have a closet where I only wore 20 percent of it regularly, and the rest were hardly worn. Some where ill fitting & old, some where bought trying to keep up with fast fashion, and lots of unsuitable outfits received as presents. Many of the clothes I had wasn’t serving me,  it was not efficient. As I de-clutter and edit my closet it is becoming much more efficient. Now, I would like to edit and curate it it further where I factor in welfare, sustainability, and equity of the production of the things I wear. 


As my thoughts on clothing shifted from wanting more to being happy with less, the discussion of quality over quantity came up naturally. Since I am wearing the same items of clothes repeatedly I want them to feel good on my skin and last longer, rather than giving me allergic reactions and falling apart after only one season (I had so many shoes simply fall apart after a season of wear). So quality is important. Another factor of concern is how certain materials affect my skin. I have observed that I get hives when I wear certain materials. Mind Body Green has a really good article that touches on how our clothes can be a source of irritation and how the synthetic materials can be hazardous to the environment. Also, I want to be more aware of the welfare, equity and sustainability issues of the manufacturing and clothing industry.

I was vaguely aware about certain issues in the production side of my clothing. I had heard about how 25 percent of total pesticides in the world is used on cotton. I had heard about  farmer suicides that resulted from the insurmountable debt due to the expensive seeds and unfair royalty terms forced onto them by  agricultural and chemical companies. I eat organic food not because it is more nutritious ( that's debatable), but because it’s less harmful to me, to the people who grow it, and the environment.

My belief is that, all of humanity are all in the one same boat. If the boat has a leak on the other side we will all drown if we don't fix the leak. Just because we are sitting in the side of the boat that doesn't have the leak, that doesn't mean we will be fine. Following this logic, it is important for me to be not only aware of local issues but also the global issues. I would like to be part of the solution rather than being part of the problem. Even if I couldn't be part of solution, at least I could reduce my negative impacts and support the people who are more aware and active on the topic. And that's what I am staring with today, supporting a good cause as I learn more, and become more aware about who makes my clothes, what my clothes are made of, how it affects me & other people, and the environment. I think it’s a natural shift resulting from dressing with less. This month is earth month and earth day has just passed , and lot of new information is becoming available on this very topic. It's time for me to become more aware. 

As I work on my small closet I have these factors influencing my decisions.  Do you have any info and advice for me, I'd love to hear. Where can I get some quality, ethical, and sustainable clothes? Let me know in the comments section. 

With love & simplicity,