End of Buy Nothing Month

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in

When I started Buy Nothing Month I thought it was going to difficult, but it really hasn’t been. During the month, I only bought groceries, spent some money on public transport, and I didn’t even need to hit the op shops. And as I went through the challenge I realised that I could unsubscribe from unnecessary services like Netflix and Apple Music, so I did. I still use Spotify and Soundcloud for music as they are both free and seem so much better that Apple music. Instead of watching TV on Netflix I am watching TED videos, as well as watching Totally Spies in French on Youtube as I am learning French.

The hardest part of the challenge was getting out of the habit of instant gratifications. No new apps, no new books, no new nothing. Earlier on in the challenge I often found myself browsing for stuff to buy online without realising what I was doing. Instant gratification had become an unconscious habit that I only uncovered because I took this challenge.

I don’t think that I am patient, but I am becoming more patient thanks to the challenge. I have reserved books from the library that are probably going to take another month to reach me - it will do for now and meanwhile I have other books I can read.  I am also learning to pay more attention to what I already have so I don’t displace them and end up having to replace the. For example, I make sure that I don’t lose my keys because they are not easily replaceable (also to avoid getting the blue tooth tracking thing I mention in the video) and I make sure to take care of my belongings so they last longer.

In the video I mention the Stoic philosopher Seneca, who used to do something similar where he restricted himself to live like a poor man for a period of time. He did this to show himself that the worst possible circumstances he could be in were nothing to be feared. It gave him the confidence to take risks, because he knew that if he failed and the worst of the worst thing happened, he could get through it. Somethings you just need to experience to know.

Since it has been relatively easy to do I am going to continue the challenge into December and maybe into the new year too! What do you think? Would you be interested in doing a Buy Nothing New Month? I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

With love and simplicity,