Why You Shouldn't Save Your Best for Special Occasions

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in


I have one coat for the winter and I wear it everywhere because it's my only coat. Last week I was prompted to think a bit more about this one coat of mine when someone asked me why I wore this crazy, sparkly, sequin coat everyday when I could wear a less special jacket day to day and save this one for special occasions. It was a solid question. Why didn't I save my coat for more special days and buy another one for normal days? It got me thinking.

When I simplified my large closet to a capsule closet I committed to only keeping the best clothes I had. Since I have a less clothes than I had before I have no choice but to wear my best everyday. Having less but good options makes getting dressed and looking put together much easier in the morning. Also, aside from the practical benefits wearing my best everyday puts me in a better frame of mind where every single day is special enough to wear my favourite clothes.

The coat in question.

I realise, before I had subconsciously categorised days into special days, and not so special days. On special days I could wear my favourite clothes, and the not so special days weren't good enough to wear my good clothes. Looking back, this was not a good way to think about life because every single day is special enough to be celebrated and to feel good. I could feel good in all my clothes all the time, if I wanted to.

As a result of dressing with less I had allowed myself to wear my best by getting rid of what made me feel less than. By getting rid of my not so good clothes I was left with what I liked and valued.Of course you don't need special clothes to feel your best daily, but you need to wear clothes anyway, so why not wear what makes you feel good all the time. Now everyday is a special day  according to my coat and I am going to keep it that way.

There's no good reason to have two different set of clothes where one is better and reserved for special days, and where the other set is considered less than for normal days because everyday is worth a celebration.You deserve to have only what makes you feel good and you deserve to feel good everyday.

Now to you, do you keep your best stuff for special occasions like I did, or do you live a life where you choose to feel good all the time? Let me know in the comments. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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