Sunday Fun Days

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in



Do you get restless on a Sunday anxious about the upcoming Monday? If you do, you are in for a treat! Let’s turn those Sundays into Fun Days!


I want you to brew a cup of tea or make some green juice and prepare yourself for some inspiration and entertainment to get you out of that funk. Keep a pen, a notebook, and your calendar by your side because you will want to bottle those inspirations so you can take them “to-go” for the week ahead. Writing it down, putting it in the calendar, and making a step by step plan makes it more likely to accomplish your goals. Here are few things I found helpful  on my side of the web this week.


1. Intentionally slow down. Read Choosing Analogue Over Digital. How to Cool Your Mind. Do you get mentally fried after a weekend of going out? I do, in those times the smallest things help me re-energise myself. Analogue might not be efficient but it makes room for magic. Savour the calm while you wait for your kettle to boil.

2. Be prepared when you go shopping. Being a minimalist doesn't mean never going shopping or not enjoying shopping. There are some tips and tricks that you should be aware, like what tactics retailers use to lure you in and make you spend more than you want. I believe when you know better you do better, so before you go  shopping next read , 6 Sneaky Ways Retailers Get You to Spend More.

3. Know where the best green juices are in your city. It's handy to know where the best green juice places are in your city, when you are out and about and need a quick pick me up. It's also a good place to catch up or have quick meet ups. If you are in Melbourne you should definitely check these places out.

4. Use Harry Potter as a minimalist inspiration. He lived in a tiny space under the stairs, and all his stuff fit in it. He is also super grateful when gets presents! If you like the magical world of Harry Potter and minimalism, read  Min-spiration: Harry Potter.

5. Look at some bright and healthy food. Stocked your kitchen full of  healthy foods, but still want more eye candy? Do you get upset when junk food gets all the glory on the interwebs? Well, look no further, Food Porn Indexis a very pretty site that tracks what kind of food we are sharing and shows us the imbalance between junk food and healthy food in a very visual way.Warning, there are animated melons!

By now your tea is finished and your notebook has plenty of scribbles. I hope you are calmer, more inspired, and looking forward to the new week with a fresh perspective.

With love & simplicity,