Sunday Fun Days

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in


Do you get restless on a Sunday anxious about the upcoming Monday? If you do, you are in for a treat! Let's turn those Sundays into Fun Days!


I want you to brew a cup of tea or make some green juice and prepare yourself for some inspiration and entertainment to get you out of that funk. Keep a pen, a notebook, and your calendar by your side because you will want to bottle those inspirations so you can take them "to-go" for the week ahead. Writing it down, putting it in the calendar, and making a step by step plan makes it more likely to accomplish your goals. Here are few things I found helpful  on my side of the web this week.


1. Are you worrying a lot these days?  Here are 10 simple ways to worry less. All 10 of them can be implemented now without any gadgets or gizmos. My favourite way to worry less is to lose control by acknowledging that sometimes you have no control about the stuff you worry about, and worrying alone never changes any outcome.

2. Are using excuses to block yourself from doing something great? Yes? Then read, No excuses: Minimalism with Kids. Here Leo Babauta shares with us how he doesn't use having a large family as an excuse to not be a minimalist. Whatever you want to achieve you will have to overcome the excuses, no matter how reasonable those excuses are. If you let your excuses get in the way nothing will change.

3. Do you know people who are glued to their phone? Are you organising a dinner party some time soon? Do you worry about what to do when people won't put down their phones to connect with real life people? I answered yes to all and so I took down some good notes from 5 Ways to Deal with Dinner Party Guests Who Won't Put Down Their Phones, for the next time I organise a dinner party.

4. Want some calm? Seek nature. Make some time to go outside and enjoy nature, even just for a few minutes. Nature can be incredibly calming, and amazing! If you have forgotten the magic of nature, check out this timelapse of Yosemite National Park. The rivers, the trees, and the immensity of the night sky is all beautifully captured in high definition. It definitely made me go out and enjoy my local park when I saw it first. Even though my nearest park, Fawkner Park, is not as magnificent as Yosemite National Park it's still very beautiful and serene. So find your nearest park and get there if the weather permits on this Sunday, you'll thank yourself afterwards.

5. Got the sunday night blues and feeling overwhelmed for the week ahead?  Here's What to Do When You Doubt Everything and Just Wanna Stay in Bed. The main idea here is to disconnect and recharge. Do as Marie says and disconnect from the internet, silence your phone, and just let everything hang loose. If you want to do something enjoy a walk in nature, or work out - just do fun & and easy stuff. In order to avoid this overwhelm and burnout in the future, set aside time for yourself every day for activities that keep you in tip top condition physically, mentally, and emotionally. These activities are your non negotiables, carve out times for them, pencil it in your calendar, and treat them as appointments that you can't cancel.

By now your tea is finished and your notebook has plenty of scribbles. I hope you are calmer, more inspired, and looking forward to the new week with a fresh perspective.

With love & simplicity,