Shh! You Don't Need to Announce Your Goals to the World

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in

Shh! you don't need to announce your goals to the world

I have heard a lot of advice on goal setting. A common advice is to let others know about your goals in order have people be accountable to. I can understand why it works for other people as there is a potential for support and motivation, but it hasn't worked well for me.

When I took the advice and announced my goals to the world, the results weren't what I expected. Instead of getting support and accountability, most of the time I got tons of questions and sometimes even negativity. People questioned why I wanted to change and how viable it was going to be. The questioning and negativity didn't allow for a good start. It made me over think and doubt my choices, which was not very motivational. As a result, I didn't even start the goal or when I did start, failure was inevitable. 

Goals are inherently new and different, as they usually stem from the desire to change and alter your own status quo for the better, or because it just feels right. Whatever the reason, starting a goal is a new experience, and therefore you don't have all the answers when you start. You don't even know if it is going to work. The point of attempting a goal is to try something new to see if it improves your life. Questions are answered as you implement the actions, not before you start with all kinds of hypothetical questions.

Now, if I have goal and it feels right, I just start doing it and I don't make a special effort to tell people. That way I start on a good note and build momentum. No questions, no hassle. If people notice the changes and ask why, then I let them know. People don't really notice these things anyway, as they are busy with their own lives. Usually by the time they see the changes, the steps have been already implemented and the goal is achieved. I have actually successfully completed more goals by not telling people in the beginning. Also, the process is a lot smoother and more pleasant. So if you are starting a goal you don't have to announce your goal to the world before you start. See if this works for you, if the other method didn't work so well and let me know how it goes in the comment section below!

With love, and simplicity,