Orange and Fennel Green Smoothie

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in


Fennel and orange go well together in salad but it's also delicious in a green smoothie. This green smoothie might be an acquired taste for some, but if you like the taste of aniseed and liquorice it's a treat.

N.B. As the weather gets cooler I don't add ice to the smoothies.

Orange and Fennel Green Smoothie


  • 1 orange , skinned and pits removed ( the pits of oranges are extremely bitter)
  • 2-3 leaves of swiss chard, chopped to smaller pieces
  • 1 small bulb of fennel, chopped to smaller pieces
  • 1 cucumber, chopped to small pieces
  • a glass of water


Add water, swiss chard , and cucumber to blender first. Then add in the orange. Blend until all the ingredients are incorporated. Blend until ingredients are incorporated.

With love, and simplicity