What Does Minimalism and Wellness Have in Common?

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in


Last weekend I spent four wonderful days in Sydney where I met up with other IIN students and grads, listened to inspiring stories and ate some amazing food. Sydney seemed to be such a busy and bustling place, the entire time I felt like I was in a movie scene where a small town girl comes to the big city and is overwhelmed and excited at the same time (even though Melbourne isn't a small town at all). This was my second time in sydney, the previous being a family vacation almost six years ago. Although, this time felt completely different as I left completely inspired and ready to take on the world.  Probably, due to the fact I was here with a purpose where I met inspiring people and listened to interesting stories as opposed to a languid family holiday where all I did was go sightseeing. 

My main intention for the weekend was to get inspired and learn from some inspiring people such as IIN founder Joshua Rosenthal, Chef Pete Evans and other IIN graduates and students. In reality I got inspired and then some! I had a breakthrough connecting two things that are integral my wellbeing, which are minimalism and health/wellbeing. I realised what minimalism and wellness have in common and how they tied together. Not having my days planned really allowed me to pay attention to my thoughts instead of getting distracted by the next thing to do (To all the people who I had the pleasure to meet/ or spend time with in Sydney, if I seemed a bit quite I was just trying take everything in and process my thoughts. Normally, I am pretty talkative!). Also sharing stories with like minded individuals really put fuel to the flame.

The commonality of the minimalism movement and the health & wellness movement is that they are both tools to a better life. The question that made me reach this conclusion went like this. I made it into a little exercise, here it goes. Think of a hypothetical situation where we have completely simplified our life and got rid of all the physical clutter and the mental clutter (This is only hypothetical because life is messy and we don't live in a bubble where we control everything, so just as perfection doesn't exist in this life, perfect simplicity also doesn't exist. We can only get closer to it but never reach it), where we are left with all the good things and plenty of time and space for more good things. Within this space we now have space to do some good, fruitful, and meaningful stuff - whatever that may be. Now, let's think of another situation where we are healthy as we could be, where you have lasting energy throughout the day, feel good most of the time, and sleep soundly at night. Just like the part above with minimalism, with this lasting energy and vitality we have the opportunity to spend it on some good, fruitful, and meaningful stuff.  This exercise made me realise it's what you do with your free space and energy that really matters. The tools are necessary but the best part is the opportunities that it gives you. Even though living simply and being well are good things on their own, what they allow you to achieve is something that's way more valuable. 

I like the idea that minimalism and wellness are tools just like a vehicle is a tool in reaching a destination. Continuing with the idea I asked myself what is it that I would do if I had all the energy, all the resources and the time I needed? My answer was to use my experiences and expertise to support others to have time and energy to do what mattered to them and be part of the solution to the worlds problems.From my experiences as a volunteer at various organisations so many of those who are working towards good causes often put their wellbeing last. Also, a lot of entrepreneurs with fantastic ideas get burnt out by stress and hectic demands of a growing business, often resulting in illness that gets in the way of continuing their project successfully. These are examples of people who can do greater good if they had more support. I am happy to know that I am on my way to start working with people who can benefit from my support.

With all these breakthrough I have decided that I want to keep going to more amazing conferences regularly! Before I leave you for now, I have one question. What would you do with your life if you had the energy, resources, and time to do whatever you wanted? Volunteer? Start a business? Become singer? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear!

Till then,

With love and simplicity,