New Year, New Project ( Project 333)

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in


After the season of celebration and excess that is Christmas and New Years, it is a time for simplifying. On that note I have decided to properly partake in a little minimalist fashion challenge called Project 333. The challenge involves dressing with 33 items or less for 3 months.The 33 items include clothing, accessories, jewellery, outerwear and shoes with the exception of undergarments, sleepwear, home/loungewear, and exercise gear. However, you can only wear your exceptions for their dedicated purposes (for example, you can only wear your exercise gear for exercise). After choosing your 33 items, the rest can be  boxed up and put away, donated and if they are truly worse for wear trash it.

I have been attempting Project 333 half heartedly for about 6 months now. The winter and spring seasons were easy because the weather is basically the same in spring and winter, which in Melbourne is cold, windy and wet. Getting dressed was no issue since everything went under a big coat. Since the options were limited everything seemed to go with each other and getting dressed was a breeze. Unfortunately, as the seasons changed and I put  in the summer clothes the balance was lost, there were not enough hangers for the clothes anymore. There were two reasons for this catastrophe; 1)It was still cold, so most of the winter clothes remained in the closet, 2) I had way too many summer clothes. Since buying more hangers was a step back in the minimalist path, I decided to fully commit to the project and strategically cull my closet. I  procrastinated for days thinking it would take a lot of time, but when I actually got down to it only took an hour and bit. Now, I have 33 items in the closet, one bag of clothes to donate, one to throw away and  I am basking in the joy of having a simple closet once again!

You may be thinking, why would one embark on a such a painful journey! I like all my clothes! To that I say, Project 333 is not about extremism and suffering, it's about making life easier, starting from you closet. I bet there are some stuff you haven't worn for a while or stuff that doesn't fit you right. We hold on to things, and buy more things thinking more is better, but it results in too many choices, too many decisions and too little time to do what we need or want to. Having too much choice leads to increased anxiety in order to choose the best option. This is the conundrum we face, we want more, but with more things we become overwhelmed.

The more I think about the idea of less is more, it seem to apply to a lot of things. I remember when I went to the Louvre, every wall of every room was jam packed with various masterpieces. Even though each one of them was beautiful and I truly wanted to look at each one of them, I just couldn't. It was too much, my eyes couldn't decide what to concentrate on. The whole experience was too overwhelming and I am ashamed to say I left the Louvre after a mere 45 minutes after walking in. I console myself with the fact that I can enjoy each artwork peacefully from the comfort of a coffee table book. What I learnt from the experience was that curation allows us to celebrate and observe beauty without distraction. It doesn't matter how beautiful the thing in consideration is, if there is too much of it, the effect is overwhelming and the singular beauty of the items are lost in the vast number of other stuff. Same thing with the clothes in your closet, when you have too much you end up not knowing what you have and not using them, which is wasteful.

Project 333 is about getting up in the morning and not having to say "I have nothing to wear" when you actually have countless outfits to choose from. It's about curating your closet so you actually wear everything in it because everything in it fits you and your life. It's about being careful and considerate of what you bring into your closet and into your life. It's about saving time and money. Project 333 is a force that starts small but starts to affect everything else in your life. In the end the number of items you have in your closet is not important. You can even have 10 items ( there's a lady on the interwebs who only has 10 core items!) or you can 100, whatever works for you. Just make sure what you own works in your favour, and not against you. So make some time to curate your closet and see for yourself how good it feels.

Wishing you a happy and simple new year !


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