Selling old magazines, good or bad?

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in

By Stuart Miles.  Courtesy of freedigital Right now , I am debating whether or not to sell a bunch of old magazines.Did you know that people pay money for old and out of issue magazines? Depending on the type of magazine you can even get more than what you paid for in the first place. I have  20 magazines that could garner me a nifty $300. Initially, selling them seemed like a great idea, I can get rid of some old stuff that I have no more use and get paid for it.  However, once I started thinking  the benefits of re-selling magazines are not as simple as selling old furniture or vintage clothes. Magazines are a whole different beast. Here are the reasons why I decided trash them.

1) Magazines make  the majority of their money from advertising. Even  if the main content is not highly commercialised, which is rare these days, the advertising sections and review sections  are all trying to sell to you stuff you probably never needed. I am not a person who can say that they are immune from the siren calls of advertising. The amount of money and talent that goes into marketing and advertising is immense, look up how much Coca Cola spends on advertising (It's crazy!). My plan is to reduce all the advertising that I receive, that way I don't have to convince myself to not buy something everytime I see an ad for something cool. This is why I was adamant to not to have a TV when I moved in. Selling my old magazines means that I will be  perpetuating the cycle of advertising of useless crap and I definitely won't be a part of that.

2) Magazines leave you feeling that you are always behind in what is new, relevant and cool. If you could just watch that award winning movie , read that  best selling book and buy that nifty new gadget you will be up to date with the current culture. The fear of missing out is such a big deal in our culture we have coined a term , FOMO . In reality it is impossible to be on top of all the information that's being churned out these days. We need to embrace the idea that we will be missing out on a lot of things, and that's okay as long as we are concentrating on the important things in our lives. All the excess information and products take away the time and mental energy that we could be spending on what really matters. I don't want someone else to go through the pages of these old magazine and be riddled with feelings of not being enough.

3) Selling or donating  furnitures, technology and clothes that's not in current use puts resources that you don't use and re-appropriates it to people who need them and are going to use them, which reduces our carbon footprint and reduces the demand on the world's finite resources. However, selling old magazines are more likely instill ideas of not being enough, and increase wants and desires for products that don't make anyone any happier than they were before.

The positive effect, or should I say the unwanted negative effect of selling these old magazines definitely outweighs the $300 that I could have got if I sold them. What do you think, do you feel the same when you read magazines?

Lots of joy and smiles,