Moving Out Part 3 - Evaluating All My Stuff (Clothes)

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in

Naturally, moving out makes you want to get rid of stuff. No one wants to carry junk from one place to another. Packing is no fun when you have a shit load of stuff. Transferring it from A to B can cost you money too, I want to avoid that. Also, once at the final destination, the stuff has to be taken out and given a new home. When I move into my new home, I don't want to spend a lot of time unpacking, organising and putting stuff back together. I'd rather do something fun. I know I can reduce the time required for this brain numbing chore with some minimalism. If I only have few boxes to deal with, moving can be simplified. 

So, I have started packing, not because I need to move out immediately, because that way I can see what I don't want to take with me. Clothes are still an issue. Couple of  months ago,  thanks to minimalism six bags of clothes were donated, two bags went into landfill and two are still tucked away in the closet to be sold later (I promise you I am not procrastinating, I am just waiting for a spot at Camberwell market ). Since then, I managed to only buy necessities such as socks and underwear. However, I still have more than what I need or use. For example, right now, I have five coats! I only wear two of them regularly. Also, I know I won't be wearing the others any time soon but I just can't seem to let it go. One of the three is a heavy duty cold weather coat, which was used when I went to Mongolia in the winter. It's just doesn't get cold enough to wear it here. Also, I know I won't be going back there in the next few years, so it hangs completely useless in the closet. The  second is a long brown coat that I had since high school. It's function was replaced with a new coat that I got early last year. Instead of donating it when I had a new one, I have just hold on to this coat. The third one is a black pea coat, I like it, but I just never wear it for some reason. So these three coats in my closet are doing no good not being worn, whilst taking up space. I know there are people who don't have coats to warm themselves this winter. These coats can be put to to good use.

Before sitting down and writing this blogpost I had the full intention of taking all five coats with me on my move. Now, I know that two are going to be donated. The third one, I will wear again so I can figure out why I don't wear it. By packing earlier than I need to, I can see what things are useful and are used often. As I side effect, it also leaves the other stuff, the stuff that are not used regularly or needed at all. In our new home I hope to have everything I need and nothing that's unnecessary. So far, I have two less things to take with me. You don't need to be moving to reduce your stuff, start any day. Start now.