Moving Out Part 1- Minimalists Dream Come True

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in

I am moving out. I will no longer be living in my parent's house. Instead I will be renting a small apartment with my best friend (She also has a blog, where she blogs about cool stuff). 

Moving out and being independent was something I always wanted. Being self sufficient and  being in control of one's life as much as possible are ideas that really click with me. I wanted to move out as soon as I graduated high school but I thought that moving out would be expensive and cumbersome. I wonder why I thought that with no experience of moving out. Now that we have seriously started looking and calculating the costs, the expenses and the amount of work required are not as daunting as I thought it would be. In hindsight, it would have been possible to move out when I graduated from high school because at the time I was actually working more than I do now. Except that money disappeared quicker somehow; noting that I have no recollection of where it went, it probably was spent on useless things.

Moving out is a dream come true in so many ways. One, I get to live with my best friend, who is the most positive and supportive person I know. Living with positive people vs. negative people makes a world of a difference. Two, I would have more control of how I live my life, my days and my hours. Three, I have the opportunity evaluate my possessions to the essentials and have fresh start. Also, I don't have to look at other family member's clutter. As I started un-cluttering, the clutter of my family has been quite annoying, visually and emotionally (All the cords of TV and it's various accessories are driving me mad! For the time being I have completely disconnected the TV). I can't un-clutter for them because they are away overseas and getting rid of someone's belongings while they are away, even in the name of minimalism, is not good and not right. 

I have been so excited about moving out, I packed half my stuff already and we haven't even submitted any forms yet!

Wish you lots of independence and freedom,


P.S. Next post will be about having freedom and independence to choose your own path.