Why Minimalism?

by Nyamka Bayanmunkh in

For the past few months I have read stories of  individuals and families from different corners of the world who embraced the philosophy of minimalism and how the process helped them achieve health, wealth, freedom and peace in their lives.

At first I didn’t quite understand what minimalism really meant. I thought it was just about reducing expenses, having less things and less clutter. Still, just the basic  idea of "de-cluttering" appealed to me and it got me started. At the time I was entertaining the idea of moving out of home, when I realised that moving with all my stuff was going to be a challenge. How did I manage to accumulate so much stuff!  The excess stuff comprised of furnitures I hardly used, unworn or rarely worn clothing, clunky old textbooks that was never to be read again, years and years of  paperwork from university and school and so many more! I could mention the other stuff, but I won't - because that's not the point. The point is, I had way too much stuff and they were not making me happy. These things were taking up space physically and mentally. 

 Now, I am not a hoarder and my room was never in the condition to be a health and safety hazard. I regularly threw away things and organised. I am not a spendthrift either, I always made sure that I was spending less than I earned. I always enjoyed getting rid of clutter, it felt as if  actual weight was being lifted of my shoulders. However, stuff accumulated because the rate of things coming in was faster than the rate it was going out. Most importantly, the stuff coming in was not making my life better. It took time, effort and money to get them in the first place and it took time, effort and money to maintain and organise them. 

I realised that I didn't need any of it to have a good life. I would much rather spend my time having fun and live a meaningful life than earning more money to buy more stuff. This is when I realised what minimalism truly meant. Minimalism is taking away the unnecessary, to make space for the good. As soon as I realised this, I stopped buying unnecessary stuff. Then I started getting rid of the stuff I already had. Bags and bags of stuff were donated.

While the concept is simple, the action is not easy. There is still more to go. This is only the beginning of the journey. I am choosing a life that is peaceful, rich and deep in meaning over a one that is hectic, superficial and emotionally unfulfilled. Six months ago I knew nothing of minimalism now, I am ready to immerse myself fully in minimalism.

This blog will serve a couple of purposes. One, as a reminder for me to be strong in my journey in finding my own way of life. Two, to serve as an information source for my friends and family, so they can understand what I am doing and why I am doing it (I am not crazy y'all!). And maybe, it can help a to complete stranger to make a positive change their life.

Well, here's hoping.