Melbourne Minimalist Meetup Notes (June, 2017)

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Thank you for all who came to the meetup and shared their stories and tips with the group.  

For those who were unable come to the meetup, here is a compilation of our shared insights and recommendations. I have categorised them for convenience.

Melbourne Minimalist Meetup June 2017 Notes



Get free E books and  Audiobooks via BorrowBox

Did you  know you can use your library card to borrow audiobooks and ebooks via your local library membership? The Stonnington Libraries use an app called Borrowbox where you can sign in with your library details.

P.S. Someone mentioned that interlibrary loans will now have a fee of three dollars. Order those interlibrary books before they get expensive.

Get locally grown (& imperfect produce) from Ceres.

After watching War on Waste people were interested in finding a different source for their groceries besides the major supermarket chains.  An alternative if you are in Melbourne is Ceres Fair Food. Ceres Fair Food is an online grocer and a carbon neutral food delivery service. They support local farmers and local communities and the produce is always fresh and delicious.

Looking for a better butcher?

Try Cherry Tree Organics. They are organic butcher delivering organic meat straight from the farmer. You can visit their online shop and have your meat delivered straight to your door.  There is also Kenny’s in Hawthorn which was recommended at the Meetup.

Don’t have a composting bin?

Try Richmond Market on Gledhil street. A meetup member said that the market has compost bins available to the public. The bins get taken to farms and get turned into compost.  Also, Victoria Market has a green waste recycling bins that are open to the general public as well as vendors.

Request to the community: let’s write to other markets to ask if they can make composting available.


Want to monitor your spending?

Try Pocketbook. You can link your bank accounts see how much you are spending. You know what they say “That which is measured, improves.”

Want carpool in Europe?

Bla Bla Car was recommended by a meetup member who used it in Spain. However, the carpooling service only available in Europe at the moment.

Confused on where to go for ethical fashion?

Download Good On You.  It’s an app that has ethical ratings for brands so consumers can shop with brands that has the same values as them. Customers can also send a compliment or a complaint to brands using the app. I think it is a good tool for having our voices heard by brands.

Meditate using apps

During the June Meetup, there was more than one person who mentioned the importance of meditating and the ease of meditating with apps.  These are the apps that were mentioned plus some of my favourites

1 Giant Mind


Smiling Mind

Stop, Breathe & Think


The Barefoot Investor

A book for those who want sort out their finances and get their head around things like Super.

It’s especially fantastic for families, couples or friends as the book is divided into little exercises to be done as a pair. Great for when one person is more into finance stuff than the other. This makes talking about money with your partner/family much easier.  You can also do it on your own too.

Donut Economics

Another book that was mentioned was on the topic of finance and economics. This book look like a book for those who don’t know much about economics and wants to see how economics affect our day to day life and the wider world that we live in.


The movement of zero waste overlaps a lot with the idea of minimalism. Simplicious by Sarah Wilson is a handy guide for those who are interested in reducing their waste and reusing more.

Listen to

The Minimalists Podcast.

Many of you may already know about the Minimalists blog but did you know that they had a podcast? Their podcast is weekly and you can subscribe to them via Itunes as well other podcast streaming services.


War on Waste

On ABC iView until 9:33pm on 18 Jan 2018. Craig Reucassel known from The Chaser’s War on Everything hosts a three part series on waste in Australia delving into how much waste we produce and what we can do about it. It’s informative, practical and funny. Definitely worth watching it with your family and friend as a night of edutainment.

Do you know whether takeaway coffee cups are recyclable or not? You’ll find out on the show!


The Minimalists Game.

Every month is a new chance to play the #Minsgame a game of decluttering. Here’s how it works

Questions to the Community:

Is there a tiny/minimalist home rental service/website/app?

Is there a local tool/utility sharing service similar to toy libraries?

Is there a zero waste challenge similar to the Minimalist Game?

Words of Wisdom

Lastly here are some words of wisdom from the meetup

Don’t force other people into minimalism.

Replace FOMO (aka Fear of Missing Out) with JOMO (aka Joy of Missing Out).


Until next time, 



Small Things Can Make You Happy

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Currently, I feel the worst I have ever felt. Death and illness are not things I have experienced firsthand and now I feel raw, sad, and tired. Most days my base feelings are a combination of sadness and lethargy. While the actual feelings are pretty normal, I am noticing a not so good thinking pattern. 

I seem to be falling into an "all or nothing" thinking. This is when I think that everything is bad and nothing good happens. It seems to be playing in a loop almost nonstop

 As I am feeling sad I end up staying at home and feeling even sadder. The problem with this is that I didn't even notice it happening.

As luck would have it, the other day I was jolted out of my negative routine by a small errand. A walk to the library.

I was due to return some books so I went for a walk to the library. When I went out it made such a difference to my mood! Not because something amazing happened but a combination of three small pleasant instances.

The weather was  pleasant. Not windy and not chilly, which is a huge thing if you are from Melbourne.

The weather was like this but not so rural.

The weather was like this but not so rural.


Then I saw a peony tree. I love peonies!

The peonies I got last year.

The peonies I got last year.

And then I saw a two cappuccino coloured Airdoodles (A cross between an Airedale and a Poodle, which I don't have a photo of, unfortunately). The combination of these three things made me so happy.

This change of scenery reminded me that the world is still full of lovely things. It made realise that I still have amazing family members, friends and loved ones who love me.

When life gets stressful we can forget to be grateful but this is the best time to be grateful.

When life throws a curveball don’t wait for something big and magical to make you feel happy. Enjoy the small things. Go for a nice walk, admire a nice plant, or enjoy the sunset. 

The best and most useful time to focus on being grateful is when you don’t feel like it.

With love and simplicity,



On Experiencing Loss and Difficult Emotions

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Despite how much simplifying one does life will never be simple. Because life is unpredictable with its timing.  We know that people can get sick, and we know that everyone will die. But we don’t really know when these things will happen. 

In life, we love and we make connections. Then the connections end one way or another which makes us sad and hurt.  We all know this but when it happens it is still sad and shocking

Earlier in the year, my grandfather suffered a stroke. Later on, my mother was hospitalised due to a ruptured aneurysm. Not long after that, my grandfather passed away. And I feel lost, sad, and hurt.

I don’t like feeling sad or hurt. I want to run away from these feelings because they are painful.

I want to feel okay. But I know having these emotions are necessary and good.  Because they are healthy emotions to have in the circumstance. 


I am writing this post so that we all feel that it is okay to feel our not so okay emotions and not rush past them because they are painful. Right now I am allowing myself to feel these difficult emotions.

One day or another we will experience loss. When it happens allow yourself to feel all the emotions that are going through you. Don’t try to push past them too fast. Give yourself space and time to feel your feelings.

With love and simplicity,