Hi! My name is Nyamka and I am the founder of A Girl Called Nyamka.

If you have ever wondered:

  • Is there a more to life than what I am doing right now?
  • What is my calling/purpose/passion in life?
  • How can I live a meaningful life?
  • How can I be happy and content?
  • How can I make a unique and positive impact in the world?
  • How come I feel so trapped in my job, school, or life?

You are in the right place.

I can help you be well, do good, and change the world.

Fast forward to the future and imagine yourself on your deathbed. What will you most regret at the end of your life? What you regret then will be the same as what you are regretting right now… unless you do something different now. That’s where I come in. My job is to help you live a regret free life.

There are two ways to work with me through my blog, and through my coaching sessions.

The blog is where you can find inspiration and simple tips on how to live well with meaning. I believe living well is a holistic process that involves all aspects of our lives. To reflect that my posts cover various topics such as health, relationships, nutrition, physical activity, career, finance, environment, creativity, joy and even spirituality.

The coaching sessions is where you and I get to work together. Whilst sometimes knowing the information is all it takes to implement a change, more often we need a helping hand to guide us through a new territory. As a coach I will personally support you in simplifying your life and finding meaning in life with step-by-step changes so you can reach your goals and maintain them for the rest of your life.

If you are ready to make some real positive changes into your life, I invite you to an initial consultation with me, where you will have the opportunity for undivided attention from someone who wants to support you to live your best life with no regrets.

The initial consultation is a 45-minute confidential session, available via Skype. It allows you to:

  • Identify your goals and what you have always imagined for your life.
  • Figure out what you truly want to accomplish in the long-term for yourself (and your family).
  • Understand how clutter, physical and mental kind, can be getting in your way of reaching these goals.
  • Learn how to have my support to permanently reach your goals by participating in my signature 6-month coaching program.

This session could very well be a turning point in your life. Are you in?

"If not now, then when. If not you, then who." - Hillel the Elder


A bit about me